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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping this week turned out really well. I spent a total of $65.04 at Winco for all of the above. I was able to get frozen pizza's, Lean Cusine's for my lunchs at work, bread, cheese and bacon for a dinner this week. Milk and chips. I also got 8 cans of Progressive Soup marked down. These will make a good lunch at work or for Joe at home. Also a few extra mayo and ketchup for the food storage shelves.

At Fred Meyer, I spent $61. I know this is a huge amount, but all I bought was vitamins. They were having a BOGO on Nature Made Vitamins so I bought the biggest bottles of vitamins C and D and calcium that I could find.  I also had $1 coupons that I used from last weeks coupons. In addition, I also got big bottles of multivitiamins for myself and Joe. I figure with the amount of tablets in each bottle I have enough supplements to last us for 5-6 months. So that equals out to about $10 a month in supplements. I couldn't buy supplements monthly for that price. Sometimes it is good for your budget to spend more like this to save in the long run.

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