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Monday, January 31, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Welcome - and thanks for taking a moment to see what we are having for dinner this week!

My hubby is such a good cook and always comes up with yummy food for us to eat! The extra plus is...he even cooks it!

Monday- eggs, toast and sausge. (remember that Jimmy Dean Heat N Serve Sausage       coupon from last week?) I love having breakfast for dinner. Our family has such hectic schedules in the mornings, it is fun to have a traditional breakfast for dinner occasionally.

Tuesday- Fend for yourself night (leftover, soup, cereal, or whatever the kids can find                 when they arrive home from their various activities. (Also allows Dad a night off)

Wednesday- Soup and Sandwiches- This week is toasted cheese w/ bacon and tomato soup. Yummy on cold winter eves!

Thursday- Fend for yourself night. (I get home late, and 1 son has scouts this night so again it’s leftovers or whatever.) Having fend for your self nights really helps keep the leftovers to a minimum!!!

Friday- (my favorite night of the week) DATE NITE! Usually means pizza and a movie.               The boys get to eat pizza and play games or watch tv in the living room and Dad and I watch a movie in the bedroom with NO KIDS!! (a cheap, yet functional date night!)

Saturday- Chicken breast Sandwiches and chips

Sunday- Pulled beef tacos (didn’t have these last week for some reason.. don’t remember               why, so we rolled them into this week).

Yummy dinners!! What’s on your plate?

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  1. love the sound of that toasted cheese with bacon this sounds delicious