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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

works for me Wednesday

One quick organizational trick that works for me is a daily chore chart.
This is something that I have been doing for years. It makes the weekends so much more relaxing! Essentially I do a few minutes worth of chores every day and then the weekend isn’t overrun by housework.

A typical week looks like this:  on Monday I do laundry usually 2-3 loads and I deep clean the kitchen. In other words, I wipe off all the counters, wipe underneath all appliances, clean out the fridge, and scrub out the microwave.  Takes about 1/2 hour total. (Because I do it every week.. it's not overwhelming!)

Tuesdays is floors. I sweep, mop and vacuum. I also dust and fold and put away laundry. Takes me about 45-50 min.

Wednesdays is bathrooms. I clean both bathrooms and make sure all the towels are washed and cleaned and put away. I also make sure there is fresh linens and supplies are stocked in the bathroom. Takes me about 15 min total.

Thursday is laundry again, 2 to 3 loads, washed, folded and put away. Hard to say how long it takes? As long as the washer and dryer take! :)

Friday is a paperwork day. I pay the bills, do the receipts, file my coupons. I also use Friday’s as a catch up whatever might have gotten missed during the week. Takes between 1/2 and 1 hour depending on how much paperwork has accumulated.

Saturday is errand day. Grocery shopping, fill the gas tanks, pick up prescriptions etc. Any and all errands are done on Saturdays. I try to get up and out the door early so I can be home by noon. Then the rest of the weekend is for fun!  

Hobbies, hanging out with my friends and my family, and date night with hubby!

Sunday is Church and family day. Church in the morning, family activities in the afternoon and I get to spend a restful weekend not worrying about household chores!