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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day Ideas

With Valentines Day coming up this next MONDAY.. (yes I said Monday!) Time to think about those near and dear to your heart.. And how to show them.

A few good ideas!

Give them a HEART ATTACK! Cut out of construction paper all sizes of hearts, big, small, medium and literally paste them everywhere.. all over the bathroom so your loved one sees them first thing when they get up. Or shower the inside of the car.. or make a heart pathway from the bedroom to the kitchen where you have a yummy breakfast waiting.. the possibilities are endless!

a really good- from the heart gift is a COUPON BOOK.. Take some paper, cut into 4x6 size. Punch two holes on one side to string some yarn/thread/ribbon thru. On each page give a "coupon" for something you can do for your loved one. IE: breakfast in bed, a back or foot rub, etc..

If you can't decide whether to give cash or a gift.. here is a site that very neatly combines the two. Go ahead.. make an origami heart!

And last but certainly not least, A HOMEMADE CARD expressing your feelings is another great idea.

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