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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crock Pot Cooking

Monday, in my Menu Post, I talked about Crockpot Cooking. One of the reasons I love Crockpot cooking is that it is so easy. It is one pot, several ingredients, mix it and let it go. You can even mix the ingredients up the night before, stick them in the pot, place in frig and first thing in the morning put your crock pot out to cook all day.
It really is a fix it and forget it meal… very easy to make.

It’s also very easy clean up. There are products out there for lining your Crockpot. You just put the plastic bag in first, add your ingredients and away you go. When the meal is over, just lift out the liner, rinse the crock pot out and clean up is a snap!
This is my easy way to cook!