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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fend for yourselves nights defined

I have gotten several requests asking me to explain further about FEND FOR YOURSELF nights that we do here in our house. So let me clarify...

Fend for yourself nights started about 4 years ago. I work 2 jobs, have 3 kids and a disabled hubby. My hubby was trying to help by cooking for me. This was/is a great help but it was getting to be to much for him. My kids, (at the time were about 17, 13 and 8.), didn't know too much about cooking. - Well the oldest did, but we wanted an opportunity for all the boys to be more comfortable in the kitchen. We believe as parents, that even though we only had boys, cooking is a good skill to have.
Thus, FEND FOR YOURSELF nights were born.

We decided that 1-2 nights per week, the boys could literally "fend for themselves."  Whether this meant leftovers for dinner or something a bit more.. it was up to them. Each boy was different. One would eat nothing but cup of noodles for these nights for a long time, another ate cereal, leftovers and whatever else he could scrounge up. My oldest really got into cooking and started finding recipes and cooking some decent meals. (He is now working his way thru college as the manager of the grill on campus!)

Over the years, we have kept this up. The boys have gotten more savvy about what they want on these nights. Sometimes it is frozen potpies, lots of times they just eat leftovers like dad and I do. This has been extremely helpful as the older two have moved out and it has become harder to adjust from cooking for 5 to cooking for for 3. Fend for yourself nights have become a great way to use up leftovers and like my sister said, "Sure cuts down on the planning, shopping and cooking!"

All 3 of my boys now can really put together a meal that is tasty, fairly nutritious, and pleasing to the eye. I hope that this skill will last them a lifetime, and be something that helps them when they are out on there own and in marriage.