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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Square Foot Garden - planted

Last week Julie and I planned our garden all out. Then on Saturday we prepared the soil by cleaning out plants left over from last year (tomato) and a few onions that had stayed in the ground all winter and reseed themselves this spring. (we transplanted them.)

We then added a bag of compost to the soil and mixed it in and aerated the soil really well. When that was done, we laid out our grid again with new string. (Sorry, no picture) and then proceeded to plant. Since it is only mid April, we didn't plant everything, but we did get 3/4 of the garden in. We planted beans, peas, lettuce, chard, beets, radishes and carrots.

When all was planted according to our map, we covered the bed with a crop cover. This will protect the garden from birds, animals, weather and such. You can water the garden through it and sun comes through also.