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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Super Savings Saturday.. LIGHTS OUT

So just as I sat down at the computer yesterday to tell you all about the FABULOUS deals I found.. the Power goes out. I call the power company and after being on hold for 5 plus minutes I am told they have a transmission line down and NO ETA as to when it will be fixed. And apparently it is affecting a large portion of the valley I live in.
So.. out come the cards.. My hubby and I start playing gin rummy. After a hand is played, in walks the 13year old. "Whatcha doing?" "Playing rummy."  Long story short, he asks to play, we teach him and even after the lights come on the 3 of use play for another 2 hours! Great family time!!!... NOW on to the Deals!

Grand total this week $46.42 for all of the above!
Winco had some great deals.. and I was all over them. Remember the $1 off coupons I got from my doctors office that were good for any size, not brand specific? Well with them I was able to get oatmeal for $.48each, the fish fillets for $1.48 each, 1 gallon of milk was $1.48, the salad mix was $.48 and $1 off on the chicken breasts!
I also had a free product coupon from Tony's pizza after having contacted customer service about a concern we had with their product. All in all .. Not a bad week.. How did you do?