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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday

Last year my friend Julie and I decided to do a garden together. We made a Square Foot Garden (SFG). It was fun and fruitful. This year we have embarked on our second garden together.
This year was easier all around. We have learned from last year, what worked, what didn't and what we will or won't do this year.

Today's post focuses on planning. Our garden is 24 square feet. 6x4. The first thing we did was to decide what crops we wanted to have again and what we didn't want to do. This only took us a few minutes to do as we had been talking about it all winter. We knew we wanted peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, peas and beans for sure.

Next thing was to map out the plots. Each square gets its own crop. (Some crops get 2 squares). Some crops do better (or worse) next to other things. so we made our grid:

The numbers you see under each crop title indicate how many of each seed or plant goes in each square. We will be growing the beans, tomatoes, cukes and zucchini all vertical. (more about that later.)

We also had to decided what plants could go just inside the vertical plants. (For our garden the vertical row will be the left side and the top according to the above grid). Planting in row 2, (the 2nd from the left where the beans are) took extra thought. Since Row 1 is growing up, it will be hard to reach Row 2, especially from the far right side. Therefore, we chose to plant plants there that had longer growing seasons.

So that is our plan. Enjoy.