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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Do you hear that alot? I do.. I have a great big family! My kids, plus 18 nieces and nephews, and 5 brothers and sisters and their spouses! Plus mom and dad, gramma, aunts, uncles etc.. I wish I could give a gift to everyone but I simply can't afford it.

I do, however, like to acknowledge all on their birthdays. This is how I do it. I have a notebook, each page is a different month.
For example: January's page lists my son's birthday on the 8th, my brother in law's birthday on the 17th and my nephew's on the 19th.

At the first of each month, I look up and see who has birthdays. I then go to my trusty "card box" and pull out appropriate card for each person. (If there are anniversaries I grab cards for those too.)

I fill out the cards, address them and stamp them. BUT I DON"T mail them. I slip them into my daily planner about a week before the event and send them then. Super easy!

Also- Inside of my "card box" I have lots of files listing blank cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards and sympathy cards.