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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super Savings Saturday!

Today was good. I stayed under my $60 a week goal, although now that one of my boys (teenage eater)  has moved back home, I may have to up this to $70 a week.

Have you noticed how expensive food is getting to be???? Milk alone has gone up just in the last few weeks. Now I am paying $2.48 a gallon. At the beginnning of the year I was only paying $1.98.

I went to Fred Meyer today.  These are some of the specials I got. I got everything pictured for $15.53.

The soda was free after coupons, I only paid for the bottle deposit. Spaggetti was $.89 with an in-ad coupon.
The pantiliners.. $.29 after coupons.
Trash sacks NOT on sale ;( but we needed them.
TP I was able to use both an in-ad coupon and a manufactures coupon. We didn't really need it... but TP is something you can always have on hand. I try to keep an extra 3-4 packages on hand at a time.