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Thursday, August 25, 2011

72 Hour Kits

With the recent earthquakes and now a hurricane moving up the East Coast I thought that I would share my families 72 hour kits.
This is very personalized for MY FAMILY. What would go into each kit is a personal choice made by your circumstances and locale.

  I learn better visually so here are what my kits look like:

First, I have a main "family kit." In the family kit I have 2 backpacks that have 1 set of extra clothes for each member of my family, and an extra jacket for each member of my family. There are also extra backpacks in case we ever have to break down the kit and carry it vs hauling in our car.

I also have a couple of blankets. Inside the main kit, there are 3 small plastic boxes. Inside these boxes I have put in a variety of items:

Some cups, bowls, lids for the bowls, lotion, rubbing alcohol and baby wipes, some purell and other misc.
items. Everything from sewing kits, to glowsticks. From matches to hand warmers. I have included bathroom items such as shaving cream, razors, toothbrushs, toothpaste, dental floss, and feminine products. Also included is a ziplock with a Spanish – English dictionary and a blank notebook, pen and pencil, a puzzle and a deck of cards.
There are batteries, flashlights, candles, plastic bags, combs, bandages, K- rations that my dad gave me. (these have coffee and cigerrettes in them, and since we don't smoke or drink coffe, we would never use them, they would be good in a bartering situation.)
Also some books, my old girls camp manuel and a Book of Mormon. I have also included my "picnic basket" which has these fabulous mugs from BYU Idaho and paper plates, cutlery etc. And probably the most important item: TP.
I also have two different First aid kits:
Should be able to handle any emergancy with these :)
In the food boxes I have things like tuna, chili, sugar, koolaid, ramen, corn, beans crackers and a can opener, and water.

I also have a box with bottles of water in it.
Last year in RS, we made personalized 72hr kits: I also have 5 of them.

Anyway.. hope that gives you some ideas and help.
Please comment if you have questions. You can click on any picture to make it bigger too.