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Monday, August 8, 2011

Meal Plan Monday!

Good Morning! It’s been a wild, crazy, scary, thank goodness for friends, family and loved ones this past week. My YOUNGER sister had a heart attack, her son had to do CPR and the family was homeless due to other circumstances! But my sis is doing much better, out of the ICU, hopefully out of the hospital in a few days and on her way to recovery.

But on to the menu.

This week we have:

Monday:                       hot dogs and chips

Tuesday:                       Fend for yourself!

Wednesday:                 pulled beef tacos (actually the leftovers from last week w/ potatoes                                and eggs mixed with meat)

Thursday:                     Fend for yourself!

Friday:                          DATE NITE!/PIZZA!

Saturday:                      spaggetti and meatballs

Sunday:                        French toast and sausage.

It has been really hot this past week and will continue to be so, that’s why we are trying simple meals.   

What’s on your table this week?
Thanks to Laura for hosting Meal Plan Monday