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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mounds of Paper from school??

 Here's what I do with the mounds of paper that comes home from school- And I don't mean the stuff you have to send back, or announcements. I mean all the papers, drawings, assignments and "cute things" that are just too special to toss.

First, I got a large plasice container ( I love plastic containers...) for each one of my kids, Danny, Josh and Jake.

Then I made a file folder for each school year: (now I did this as they were growing up so it didn't take much time/effort, but even if your kids are older you can still make this work.)

I like to put their name, school year and a picture on the outside of each folder. Inside I keep report cards and a few samples of handwriting/math skills or an assignment they did really good (or really bad) on, and awards:

As they got older, pictures and such didn't come home much but I would try to snag copies of reports (even if it means I have to print them off after they leave for school! LOL!)

Some of my kids teachers did the work for me and sent home 3 ring binders with all the years work in it:

As the years go by, the box get's fuller and fuller and a few other trinkets get thrown in: (like Mickey Mouse ears, baby shoes, year books)

but everything is in one place, organized and each kid will get when they get married- Wait, I'm not ready to give up Danny's box- when they have kids of their own. :)

And that's what works for me!