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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Staples Deal worked!

So everything got put away before I could take a picture, but I went to Staples today to get free after rebate batteries. So here's how it went.

I had a coupon that came in my email for Staples for $5 off a $5 purchase and I also had a coupon for $5/25 purchase plus I had 2 $.50 off coupons from Sunday's paper for Duracell batteries. So armed with my coupons, I went looking for batteries and something to equal another $5.

I got the 2 packages of batteries, $9.99 each ($19.98)
Found the graph paper my 13 year old needs for math. ($1)
and 2 sets of notecards w/ envelopes ($2 each) that I put into the gift box.
The cashier let me use all the coupons in a single transaction!

Grand total AFTER coupons: $18.98! And I will get $19.98 back in rebates!! Sweet deal!!!