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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Super Savings Saturday


This week's shopping went well, even with 3 extra mouths to feed. My daughter in law and I went shopping and we were able to pick up a few great deals at Fred Meyer this week.

We got $25 worth of Halloween candy and with the coupons I had from the last few Sunday's I only paid $14 for the candy AND got a catalina for $5 off my next order. Wondering what I am going to do with 11 bags of candy? Well I will use some for Halloween and some will stay in the freezer and I will tuck into Christmas Stockings.

We also got my granddaughter some socks, BOGO and I had an reward coupon from Freddy's for an additional $3 off apparel. Grand total for socks.. 4.99 for 16 pairs :).

Cereal was also 2 /$5 and I had $1 when you by 2. So I picked up a few more boxes. Easy snacks for the 13 and 5 year olds :)

All in all, we spent $87 and my out of pocket was only $47.34. I call that a good day.. and my DIL was impressed! (I think I was able to show her a few tricks!)