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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday- Healthy Eating

Eating Healthy, for Less
If you are like me you are constinatly trying to find the best/healthiest ingredients without going over budget. Here a few tips to help you save money on groceries:
 Tip #1: Plan your meals. Making a menu of what meals you will be having each night will not only saves you stress and time throughout the week, but will also come in handy when it’s time to hit the aisles of the grocery store.  Make a menu, make sure you have all the ingrediants, and that leads us to tip 2:
Tip #2: Make a list. When you have a list of items you actually need, you won’t wonder off to other purchases. Stick to the list. Yes, if TP is on a great sale but not on your list you don't really need it do you? ( I try to leave a little wiggle room each week so that if I do see a great sale for something not on my list, I can go ahead and get it.) BUT, you will save time and money if you stick to the list!
Tip #3: Find a sale. All supermarkets provide sale items, and most of these stores advertise their sales in newspapers, or online. After your create your shopping list, head online, or browse through your circular to see if there are any discounts on your items. Don’t be ashamed to cut coupons, it’s free money. Check with your supermarket to see if they provide discount savings cards. Fred Meyer does this and they have sent me LOADS of free coupons just for having a rewards card!
Tip #4: Never go food shopping on an empty stomach. This is more of a cardinal rule for anyone wanting to stick to their budget. Hungry + endless aisles of groceries = mountains of food in your shopping cart. Try to eat a small snack or drink a tall glass of juice before stepping into a food store. This alone will save you money.
Tip #5: When you get to the store, shop the perimeter first. Most food stores carry their healthiest items around the perimeter. Think about it, you have your produce, all your dairy products, and your meat or poultry. Get these items completed first before moving into the middle aisles, where most of the pricey processed foods are.
And That's what Works for ME!