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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Using ordinary items in unexpected ways part 1

Here are some tips for using ordinary household items in unexpected ways.

Use Shower Curtain Hooks
If you have some extra closet space, use shower curtain hooks to hang purses from. This will free up space on the floor or shelf. And you can see at a glance where you handbags are!

Use a Dish-Drying Rack
Keep coloring books and art supplies organized in a dish-drying rack. Stack the books, like plates, between the prongs. Store markers, crayons, and pencils in the utensil caddy.
Use Colored Bins/Basket
Assign a colored bin or basket to each family member for the bathroom. A simple place to store make-up, shaving stuff, combs, brushes etc. 

Use a Tissue Box
When your tissue box is empty you can use it to store and dispense plastic grocery bags with ease. Stuff the empty bags into an old tissue box. When you need one, simply pull out one. For a slimmer solution, try a cardboard paper-towel tube.

Use Votive-Candle Holders
Votive candle holders are great for organizing a desk drawer with paper clips, stamps or rubber bands. They can also be used when serving hor-derves. Fill them with toothpicks and offer along with appetizers.