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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Chores..

Yup, that's right I said chores. The chores of pulling out the boxes of decorations, unpacking them, hauling them back to storage, shopping, wrapping, trips to the post office, etc.

Yes, those (and more) are all necessary parts of Christmas. But if you make a list, (and check it twice), you can plan your holiday so that it isn't so stressful.

I have a master list of what needs to be done, decorating, delivering, cleaning, baking, shopping. wrapping.
I then have sub lists under those: who I have to buy for (family, friends, Secret Santa at work), who is getting baked goods. What/who I am buying for etc.

I know it sounds like even more work, but I promise, if you just take 20 minutes and jot down everything you want/need to do, and then work your way thru the list it will all be breeze, and hopefully less stress!