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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sorry Dear Readers...

I am sorry I have been absent for a while. I promise to do better in the future.
To explain my absence, I will tell you this sometimes we all need to take a break from things in order to come back strong.

I love the Christmas season, the lights, the cold, the fun, the surprises. I also remember the reason for the season. A time to celebrate Jesus and his birth.

But sometimes the season can be overwhelming. Even when you have your lists, :).
This week has been one of those weeks.

I work two jobs for those of you who don't know and then I also have this blog to help support my family. I have been so busy with work, with decorating, with looking at and checking off my lists, that I simply didn't have the time, energy or ideas to write. And sometimes you gotta take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

But I'm  BACK!

If you have any topic you would like me to cover, please comment and I will do my best.
Thanks for being loyal readers and thanks for sticking with me!