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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fend for your self

As you might have noticed, I have 2 fend for yourself nights each week for dinner. I do this on purpose for several reasons.
1) It uses up leftovers, 2 less meals to plan, prepare and shop for.
2) The boys, (well Jake really- Josh isn't home much anymore,) know that Tuesday and Thursday nights, if they want to eat, they have to come up with the meal for themselves.
3)If there is no leftovers, then you have to be a bit inventive. I have seen Jake make sandwichs, salads, bagel pizza, cereal, spaggetti and eggs just to name a few.
4)It is teaching my sons valuable skills. Cooking, prep, planning and cleaning up. Great skills to have!

And that is why we have fend for yourself meals.