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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Works For Me Wednesday - Bathroom edition

My very first job was a maid in a motel. It was a HARD summer job, but I learned a lot.  One thing I learned was how to clean a bathroom in no time flat. Here are my secrets:

1)     Deep clean EVERY WEEK. That way there isn’t time for the bathroom to get to outrageous and be an overwhelming job.
2)     Gather your supplies. I use a vinegar/water mix in my spray bottle and a bit of cleanser. I have a bag of rags that I grab a few from and a scrub brush.
3)     Start from the top down. Spray and wipe walls and mirrors. Then take everything off the vanity and back of tank. Spray and wipe.  Put everything back. I use a basket on the counter to control all the “stuff.”

4)     Sprinkle the inside of the toilet bowl with cleanser, let it sit a moment while you wipeout/scrub the tub/shower stall.
5)     Scrub the toilet.
6)     Sweep and mop floor
7)     DONE! And you have a clean bath. If you do this all on a weekly basis it will only take about 10-15 min to do each week.