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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Works for Me Wednesday

Feel like the stuff in your car is getting out of control? Just a few quick minutes can get it all organized and ready for the summer! A visor organizer can neatly stow stuff you'll need on the road, like sunglasses or favorite CDs.
I use large Ziploc bags to stow my maps in the driver's-side cubby. All manuals and registration documents go in the glove compartment, also in Ziplock bags.

I don't live in an area that has tolls roads, but I have family that does, an empty pill bottle to keep change handy is a great thing to have.

In the backseat, use an organizer for toys, ice scrapers, and umbrellas.

A plastic tote is great in the trunk for emergency car supplies like jumper cables and flares.
Voila! Your car is now neat and uncluttered!

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