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Monday, June 11, 2012

Meal Plan Monday!

Happy MONDAY! Welcome to Ronni's Resources!

 Sunshine! Blessed Sunshine! My garden and flowers are loving it!! Me too. I love the long lazy days of summer (even though I work... )I still love coming home and it's still light outside and I can work in my gardens or just sit on the porch with hubby and relax!

Here's what's going on food wise in our house this week:

Since it's summer and no school, I don't fix breakfast for the kids. (gasp!) I leave well before they are up and they know their way around a kitchen! (Yeah for self sufficient kids!


I usually brown bag it to work with leftovers or salads. Joe and the kids make soup, sandwiches or eat up leftovers.


Monday:                      PICNIC: hot dogs and chips

Tuesday:                      Fend for yourself!

Wednesday:                chicken wings/drums w/ Texas toast

Thursday:                    Fend for yourself!

Friday:                         DATE NIGHT PIZZA!

Saturday:                     Southwest chicken (Crockpot- one of my freezer meals)

Sunday:                       Ham and cheese grilled sandwiches

What’s on your table this week?

Thanks to Laura for hosting Meal Plan Monday