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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today's Tidbits... Back to School?

It seems like school just got over, but stores are already having back to school sales. You can save a LOT of money if you plan, shop wisely and take advantage of sales!

I always buy more than I think I will because by Christmas/January I am always hearing. "mom I need a new....(fill in the blank)" So if you find a great deal, buy 2 or 3 if your budget allows.
I have a drawer in my craft stuff that I use to hold all these extras. When the kids need something, they can go "shopping" in the drawer, instead of me going shopping at the store! (and paying twice the $$!)

Three years ago I had a bit of extra cash and I went wild at the back to school sales, therefore last year I didn't do ANY back to school shopping.. This year I have to do some, but not a lot. I will probably take advantage of some of the sales.. like this one this week at Staples:  (July 8-14, 2012)

$0.01 Deals With $5 Purchase:

Bic Round Stick Pens — $0.01 with a $5 purchase (Limit 2)
Staples School Glue — $0.01 with a $5 purchase (Limit 2)
RoseArt Crayons — $0.01 with a $5 purchase (Limit 2)

Easy Rebate Deals:

Scotch Super Glue — Free after Easy Rebate
Staples Multipurpose Paper – $0.25 after Easy Rebate
HP Photo Paper – $0.50 after Easy Rebate

$0.25 Deal:

PaperMate Mechanical Pencils – $0.25

$0.50 Deals:

Staples Side Coil Books – $0.50
Bic Dry Erase Markers – $0.50
Staples Pink Block Eraser – $0.50
Slider Pencil Case – $0.50

$1 Deals:

Staples Mechanical Pencils – $1
Staples Mini Stapler – $1
Scotch Tape – $1
Roseart Markers – $1
Staples Glue Sticks (4-pack) – $1
Wescott Scissors (2-pack) – $1
Sharpie 5-pack – $1

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