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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

WFMW -- Coat Closet

I was so pleased with my success with my hall closet, and how short of a time it took me to do, I thought I would tackle the coat closet.

(sorry about the dark pictures. Not sure what happened there,) So the closet is cramped, there are coats/jackets in there that no longer fit or that are needed. I also store a dress bag in there with my formal gowns/wedding dress. (Not that I have any need for formal gowns, but at this point, I am not quite ready to give them up-- I have a granddaughter after all! LOL!) Also there was a set of luggage in there!

So, I pulled everything out, got rid of some coats/jackets and got a new dress bag. (old one was ripped) and rearranged everything:
I added an over the door shoe organizer to hold gloves, hats and umbrellas:

I put the luggage up on the shelf and that helped make more room for the vaccum.
Not a huge change, but at least it's clean, and I know what's in there!

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