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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Challenge Day 21

August Challenge continues:

This week I am working on the boys bathroom 1 shelf at a time. I do this because it is easy to come up with a 5-10 min block of time where I can pull everything out on one shelf, sort it and put it back. If I do small chunks of time like this, the job doesn't seem so overwhelming!
Here's the cabinet before:

and after:

I started from the bottom and worked up, 1 shelf a day. Today I did the bottom shelf and got rid of:

I haven't used the bubble bath since my kids were tiny! My yougest is 14! I don't know why I had an EMPTY bottle of sunscreen?? and the rest were so old I don't want them hanging around any more!

How are you doing this week?

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  1. Hi! I hate the way the spray smells, leaves a film, and the clean-up. Also you have to really watch that your kids and pets don't get too close to the poison. Thanks for the great giveaway.