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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Works For Me Wednesday-- Gift Boxes

In keeping with the "reuse/reduce" theme I've had this month, here is another of my favorite Works for Me Wednesday tips:

Works for me Wednesday 7/27/11

Gift boxes are the biggest money saver I can think of. You buy things on sale, save until there is a need and then use from your stash. I talked about all the great bargains I got here.  Now I have decided I need a “baby gift box.” I don’t have small children at home, but when I see great deals for diapers/wipes etc, I have been known to buy a package or two to put aside for that next baby shower I am invited to.  I also use the $10 of $10 purchase coupons I regularly get from JC Penny’s. I use them to pick up baby outfits on clearance. I then tuck those away also. And that’s what works for me!

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