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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Works for Me Wednesday- recycled addition!

I am re- publishing this list from last year- get a head start on Christmas!

Christmas lists…

 I know it’s early, but you can never be to early when it comes to saving money.

With Christmas 139 days away, I am pulling out my lists.

I have a list of all immediate family members I need to do gifts for, lists of the extended family members (This year we have my sister Jen and her family). Lists of friends/co-workers that need remembering, Christmas card list and my pumpkin bread list!

I break each list down by categories.

Under Immediate family, I list my hubby, 3 sons, and 1 daughter in law and granddaughter.

Underneath each name, I write down ideas that I have for what they want/need and write down the things I have already gotten to give to them.

Same goes for all the other categories.

My card list I make sure all addresses are updated and if I need to add anyone to the list (or delete L ) then it’s ready to go when I write my Christmas letter 1st of December.

My pumpkin bread list is long... basically I make around 100 mini loaves of pumpkin bread thanksgiving weekend and freeze it. I then make a list of neighbors, church member’s friends, family, the mailman, teachers etc and make sure I have enough loaves to give 1-2 loaves each. I also have enough stashed to take to potlucks or office parties!

I keep my lists up to date. If I had out loaves of bread, I cross the person off, if I find something different for someone I update, if I purchase something I note that and I also note where I hid the present J that’s for my kids!

I keep my lists in a small notebook in my purse and always take it with me.

Lists! It’s what works for me!