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Friday, September 14, 2012

Easy way to make money for Christmas!

The Apple Iphone 5 is coming, and if you are thinking about upgrading and wondering what to do with your old phone, here is a great program my friend Allyssabeth of Allyssabeth's Hidden Treasures  told me about:

You can sell back your OLD phone to EBAY thru their Instant Sale program:
"eBay’s electronics trade-in program that offers customers a quick, simple way to sell their gadgets online.

The special offer is available today through Sept. 19 and allows customers to lock-in top-dollar cash offers for their smartphones including up to $400 for the iPhone 4S or $200 for the HTC EVO 4G LTE.

Customers can visit
www.instantsale.com to secure a top-dollar cash offer for their phones – and even get great offers for non-working devices - in three simple steps.

During the special week-long offer period, trade-in offer prices for select smartphones will not decrease.

In addition, customers who lock-in a trade-in value for their phone during the offer period aren’t required to ship their phones until Oct. 1, ensuring they won’t go “smartphone-less” before the iPhone 5 is available on Sept. 21."

I upgraded a month or so ago to a 4s (I love it) and I have my old 3G sitting around. I wasn't really sure what to do with it so I talked to Allyssabetha and she told me about this program. I checked it out and they will take my old 3G phone and PAY ME! Yes, I was offered $100! The will pay me via PayPal, and I will use that for Christmas money!

Check it out! Thanks Allyssabeth!