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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Fall" into a routine

Now that school has been in session for a few weeks and things are starting to get into a routine, here are a few tips to help keep your routine going. If you don't have a routine, now is a good time to establish one. Think about your daily routine and then plan out ways to maximize your time and accomplish your chores efficiently.  For some this means a family calendar.
  • Keep a calendar in a frequently used room like the kitchen to keep track of everyone's important dates and appointments.
  • Include details such as doctor appointments, Scout activities, athlectic events, play dates, and lunch meetings in the week ahead.
  • Put everything on the calendar as soon as it's scheduled.
  • . When school calendars arrive, transcribe the year's activities and holidays onto the family calendar. Do the same for party invitations, business dinners, sports schedules, , and volunteer activities.
  • Everyone in the family should check the calendar for new information daily, add his or her own activities, and update accordingly. I also use different colored markers for each family member so it is easier to quickly see who has what.
Another way to get into routines, is do the same thing on the same day. I'm talking about laundry, cleaning the house (room by room) and dealing with paperwork. For example,    
·         Mondays = Kitchen and 2 loads laundry

·         Tuesdays= Floors (sweep, mop, vacuum) and Dusting

·         Wednesdays= bathrooms

·         Thursdays= 2 more loads of laundry

·         Friday= paperwork

·         Saturday= groceries, errands

·         Sunday= rest

Establish things that need to be done every fall.
·         Check the batteries in your smoke alarm.

·         Prune the perennials. Check all landscaping, make sure it's ready for winter.

·         Get your heating system checked; clean the chimneys and fireplace; maintain your hearth.

·         Check your light bulbs and replace with energy efficient light bulbs so you have enough light for the winter.
These are just a few things to help establish a fall routine. What do you do?