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Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday- Make some holiday cash!

Happy Friday!

Remember its MegaSwagbucks day. Don’t forget to do all your searches with Swagbucks to earn those digital dollars! I save mine and get Amazon gift cards, which I then save for the holidays!  It’s easy to get at least 3 Swagbucks a day! Do the daily poll, and the NOSO (no obligation, special offers)  I also have a window open were I have the videos playing. I can earn 3 Swagbucks for every 10 videos watched! - Super easy to rack up bucks this way!
thanks for signing up under my referral link!

Another way I earn easy Amazon gift cards is by using Irazoo. Very similar to Swagbucks. I do a few searches everyday and have won anything from 15 points to 74 points. I also watch videos - watch the first 40 seconds of a video equals 1point. I also have a window open in the background with these videos running. I also check the offer boards and see if there is anything there easy, free and quick todo. This is where I can rack up the most points. I can easily earn 3000+ points in a month and that equals $5 Amazon Card. thanks for signing up under my referral link!