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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Cash- WFMW

You've all heard me talk about how I make a little extra cash online for the holidays using Swagbucks.

Well there are other sites that I also use on a regular basis. Such as BING REWARDS.
Super easy like Swagbucks, just a few minutes every day. I click on my dashboard, do some searching. You can earn 1 credit per 3 searches a day, up to 30 credits per day. I usually just keep clicking on the "related results" until I hit my 30 credits. Bing also gives you "Today's offer" which is just a click to earn a point and you can earn up to 100 credits when 10 friends join. I just started this on October 23 and by Nov 20, I had already earned enough points for a $5 gift card. Literally minutes per day!

Jingit is also very similar. This site that pays you instantly for watching ads online. You can earn up to $15 per week. You just watch the video, answer a few quick questions and boom! There it is! I have already, (just since Nov 1) have made over $13. You have to pay $3(one time processing fee) to get your debit card but it's easy to transfer money to it. Also, if you have a smart phone, easy to earn a little extra if you are in Walmart.