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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Works for Me Wednesday- Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

One way I prepare for it is to have a gift box. My gift box is full of lotions, candles, jewelry and other things I have found on sale and purchased with no one in mind. I love the $10 of a $10 purchase coupons that I often get from JCPenny's. I often by packages of socks for my boys! (I've been known to break up the package and give them one sock at a time!)

I also very frequently use the free gift or free gift with purchase I get from Bath and Body Works.

a glimpse into the gift box
check out all the lotions!
I do this because

1) If a gift giving occasion comes up, I am always prepared and I don't have to panic and make a last minute trip to the store and pay (gasp!) full price!

2) When the Christmas Season rolls around I write my list of those I would like to give a gift too and then I open up my box and match gifts to the reciepient. For the most part, I can totally fill up my gift list from things out of the box. What a money and time saver this is.

After Christmas last year I bought these adorable potholders and towels, will look great in a goodie basket this year.

I had this Gratitude Journal made from Paper Cotorie when they were offering $40 off the purchase. I think I paid $5 for shipping.

That's what works for me!