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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Trees! WFMW

So I know Christmas was yesterday, but my Granddaughter and I did this really cute activity over the weekend and I wanted to share it with you.  Last year we made Gingerbread Houses and it was fun, but a lot of work and short attention span. So this year we decided to make "Christmas Trees."

Super easy, Super fun and the length of the activity was great for a 6 year old.
First I gathered up our supplies. Mostly the same things you would use for a gingerbread house, but we used sugar cones instead.


I whipped up some frosting, and set the cones out:

I frosted all the cones, these are the "Christmas Trees":

I made one tree before my granddaughter arrived so she would have an example to follow:


Then we had fun building our Christmas Tree forest:

Our finished Forest:

It was a great bonding time with my Angel!
and that's what works for me:)