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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tightwad Tuesdays What to buy when.

Ever wonder what is the best time to buy things?

Here is a quick list of what to buy when.

January: Look for travel deals. Many hotels and airlines are looking to entice travelers with warm weather adventures in the cold  months.

February: Furniture. Many retailers want to get rid of last years designs to make way for the new designs which come out in the spring.

March: Sports Stores. Same as furniture. Retailers want to clear out the old to make way for this years.

April:Thrift Stores. Why you ask? Lots of folks clean out the closets this month and donating. Go treasure hunting in the thrift store!

May: New Mattress. Same story, retailers wanting to get rid of last years models to make way for new inventory.

June: Household items.  June is a big wedding month so lots of department stores have sales geared toward gifts for the bride and groom. Get discounts with or with out a wedding!

July: Power Tools. - Prices plummet after Fathers Day.

August: Swimwear. End of season.

September: Lawnmowers and yard equipment. Retailers want to make room for winter gear.

October: Anything outdoors. - patio furniture etc.

November: Electronics. Take note of Black Friday and Cyper Monday specials.

December: Cars. Dealers want to boost end of year sales.

Hope these tips help!