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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TightWad Tuesdays...

TightWad Tuesdays

It's the little things...

Little efforts made here and there can add up to big things. Try to get two or three uses out of everyday products.

Here are some examples of things I do:

  • Save the crusts of bread no one eats, and run them thru your food processor - voila! Bread crumbs!
  • Save egg shells to either compost for your garden or sprinkle around the edges to keep slugs and snails away.
  • Use my dryer sheet for at least 3-4 loads, then I use it to clean the shower doors. Just get it wet and scrub! Great on soap scum.
  • Save plastic bags from the grocery store for garbage bags or as packing material in a box you are sending.
  • I get the Sunday papers for coupons.. then I save the papers to line my flowerbeds.. makes a great weed barrier!

What do you do to stretch your resources?