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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Works for Me Wednesday 1/9/13

It's the first of the year and time to do a little house cleaning/organizing. None of the following take very long, but I try to take a day early in the year to do all these little, once a year tasks.

  • Flip your mattress to eliminate a groove from sleeping in the same spot; this is better for your spine.
  • Replace your emergency water supply.
  • Check your pantry for emergency food supplies (and make sure you have a non-electric can opener).
  • Check your light bulbs and replace with energy efficient light bulbs so you have enough light for the winter.
  • Bed pillows should be replaced every one to two years. Check your pillow, too soft? Too hard? Lumpy?  Also your pillows will last longer if kept in a pillow protector pillowcase underneath the general pillowcase.
I did all of the above in about 4 hours the other day. Doesn't take much time and you will be glad you did.