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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Works for Me Wednesday - January todo list.

January is a good time to review household items or services that are only done once a year.

1. Replace batteries in smoke detectors. Even though these units should be checked monthly, the batteries should be replaced annually no matter what. It is very important to make sure that these units will function correctly should a fire occur. I have first-hand knowledge of a kitchen fire starting and no one knowing because the batteries were not checked on a regular basis. Not a pleasant experience.

2. Review  your insurance policies. As insurance policies come due for renewal, it is a good idea to check that they still adequately cover the household needs. This is particularly true for home contents and/or building insurance, where major purchases or renovations during the year may have significantly altered the amount items should be insured for. Make changes to your deductible if your circumstances allow. If you are able to increase it, do so. You will save more in the long run on premiums. Also, renewal time is a good time to make sure that insurance policies are competitive and good value for money by comparing those offered by two to three companies. Let your agent know you are doing this, he may be able to get you a hidden discount.

3. Organize a pest inspection and/or pest service for the house. Get your chimney cleaned, and schedule for your gutters to be cleaned. All once a year maintenance should be scheduled and planned for in January.