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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tightwad Tuesday - January Roundup


TightWad Tuesdays
I've spoken a lot this month about how to earn extra money. Here's how I do it.
I get up and get ready everyday before the kids do. I am usually ready an hour before it's time to leave, (this is so everyone can have a shower!) so as  I'm waiting for the kids to get ready,  I visit several online sites and check-in, watch videos etc, whatever is needed to so I can add to my family budget.

I have talked at length about Swagbucks, in January, I earned 2886 Swagbucks, enough for six $5 Amazon gift cards. (With a balance left over for me to start in February.)

Bing rewards  is a lot like Swagbucks. By spending just a few minutes per day, you can easily earn a $5 Amazon gift card every month. You start a free account and for every 3 searches using Bing, you earn points. You can earn up to 30 credits per day by searching.
My total for January was 993 credits this is enough for two $5 Amazon gift cards, and a balance left over for a nice start to February.

Jingit   Jingit is a newer income-earning program that pays you to watch videos online. You can also earn money for downloading the mobile app, scanning items at Walmart, and answering a couple of questions. You get paid out on a prepaid card. Since they are fairly new, the earnings are still quite low. In January I made just $3.50 but it is paid out in cash on a prepaid card I can use anywhere.

Instant cash sweepstakes was a small amount, but for the minutes I put into it, it is worth it. Especially since the payout amount is only $2 it doesn't take long to reach it. In January I earned. $0.67

Mturk was pretty good this month. I earned $ 9.71. I like this because I can choose to have my payout in cash to my bank account or deposited into my Amazon account. For January I am choosing to not cash out and roll it into February.

With my Amazon Seller account, I sold a bunch of books and I made $147.

Irazoo is a lot like Swagbucks, it rewards you points for, completing offers, surveys, watching videos, playing games, and other tasks. Points can can be exchanged for gift cards. It takes 3000 points to earn 1 $5 Amazon gift card. The downside to Irazoo is it takes about a month after I request the codes to get them, which is kind of slow. But, over time... In January I earned 4450 points, cashed out for 1 $5 Amazon gift card, with a nice start for February earning.

My total rewards was $205.88 My time invested was approximately 20 hours. That's $10.29  per hour. I will never get rich doing this stuff... but not too shabby I do say so myself.

How did you do?