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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Food prep- WFMW

Weekday mornings are super busy for me. One way I help curb some of the rush of getting out the door is to prep food on Sunday afternoons.

I love to eat salad for my lunch. (especially when the teenage boys eat all the "leftovers") LOL!
But putting together a yummy salad takes time. Therefore, I try to prep ahead. I cut up all my ingredients ahead of time and then the morning of it's easy to just put all the food together. I like lots of different things in my salads, this week I don't have a lot of veggies on hand so I'm throwing extra protein in by way of adding some beans.

I get out all my ingredients, and I start boiling the eggs.
While they are boiling.. I drain the beans:

I also drain and slice the olives. Why don't I buy sliced olives? See why here:
Then I chop the peppers:

I put each food in it's own bowl and every morning that I make a salad, I just have to pull out the bowls, add what I want to that day's salad, peel an egg to go with and add an apple and maybe some string chees.. There you have it fresh salad every day with minimal fuss. That's what works for me!