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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Works for Me Wednesday

I got a lot of shoes.. I know, I know.. but I love my shoes and recently I got such a fabulous deal on shoes I bought 6 pair!!!!  (But I gave away 3 pair!!) And my saving grace is that  I do have shoes that I only wear to work.. I'm on my feet at work alot and need extra support. So, some of these are work only shoes.

 I was running out of space to put all the shoes. So I came up with a plan, shoe boxes. I got boxes for $1 each and placed my shoes in them.

I realized that if I stacked them all on the shelves, it would be hard to find a certain pair, so I took pictures of each pair and placed them on the lid of the box.
Then I realized that if they were stacked.. I still couldn't see the pictures. So I moved the pictures to the side of the boxes, and voila! Here is my closet now:
So much easier to see.. That's what works for me!