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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Giveaway!

Lets face it cleaning the bathrooms and paticularly the toilets is not my favorite job. If you like to do it.. great, come clean mine also! LOL!

So when Soft Scrub sent me their new product 4 in 1 Toliet Care, I jumped at the chance to try it.

This toilet bowl cleaner is different than most. It cleans with each flush. It hangs over the rim of the toilet and with each flush the water activates the cleaners. It prevents buildup, fights toilet bowl ring and freshens up to 4 weeks.

I deliberately hung this product in a toilet bowl that was dirty. It's been there for 2 weeks. Now while I haven't seen the bowl as a whole get "cleaner," I have noticed that the spot the 4-in-1 is hanging is really clean and the bowl hasn't gotten any "nastier."  For less than $2 at Walmart, not a bad product.

Now,  for the fun stuff. Soft Scrub has given me coupons for free Soft Scrub products so you can try the 4-in-1 for yourself, or try another Soft Scrub product. To enter, please follow the directions on the widget on the sidebar.  You will  have several chances to enter and I will have 3 winners! Good luck and happy cleaning!

UPDATE: Soft Scrub is proud to introduce the Brighter Bowl Sweepstakes featuring NEW Soft Scrub® 4-in-1 Toilet Care! One lucky winner will receive $1,000, while 250 second place winners get to try NEW Soft Scrub® 4-in-1 Toilet care for FREE!  Just go here to enter!

Soft Scrub brand provided me with a sample of Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet care in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed here are my own.