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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tightwad Tuesday - using coupons and sales!

TightWad Tuesdays
Just wanted to show you all how combining sales and coupons can really save you money.
Take a look at the picture below, 
Take a close look, I paid a total of $8.99 out of pocket for EVERYTHING on the table. How did I do it you ask, let me tell you.

The jacket was at JC Penny, on the clearance rack marked down to $20. I had a coupon for $10/$10 purchase making the jacket $10. I was lucky enough to have a gift card from a friend that I hadn't used all the way and I paid the balance with the gift card, making my out of pocket $0.00

All the Bath and Body product was also purchased with coupons and gift cards. 1st, I cashed in some credit card reward points that were about to expire for a $40 Bath and Body gift card. I then made 3 seperate transactions.

1st one was the 2 boxes of Wallflowers on sale for $6 each and a bottle of lotion. I used a coupon for a free Signature Collection Lotion when you spend $10. - Total out of pocket (oop)- $12 paid with the above mentioned gift card.

2nd transaction was the 6 Pocketpac's. They were 5/$5. I used a "Free Pocketpac" coupon and a 20% off entire purchase coupon making this transaction $4 paid with the above mentioned gift card.

The 3rd transaction was the 5 antibacterial soap and the desk antibacterial soap and the travel size lotion and the cover for the soap. Soap was on sale for 5/$15 for the large one, the smaller one was $5, and the small lotion was $3.50, and the soap cover was $7.50. Total before coupons was $31.
I had a coupons to get the lotion for free and 20% off entire purchase making my total $22, again paid with the above mentioned gift card. Total I paid $38 with a gift card and still have $$ left for another time. (Most of the Bath and Body stuff I put in my gift box)

The tank top was at Coldwater Creek, marked down from $29.99 to $19.99. Everything in the store was on a 30% off, making it $14.95. I then had a coupon (from my mom, Thanks mom!) for another 40% off making the total $8.99.

And that's how I use coupons and sales to make my $$ go further!

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  1. I love the color of the jacket! Such a bright addition to a spring wardrobe!

    Thanks for sharing your frugalness at Fabulously Frugal Thursday!