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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Works for Me Wednesday

Works for Me Wednesdays    

So now that I've had my big yard sale and really purged my home the secret to maintaining the order is  SPACE.

 What is SPACE?

 Space is an easy way to remember to keep the clutter down.

S= SORT.   When the mail (or anything else) comes n your home, sort it.                                        file, toss, use etc. Sort it into where it belongs.

P= PURGE. Purge on a regular basis. Do I need it? Do I use it? if not get rid                        of it.

A= ASSIGN. Easy enough. If it belongs in your home, it needs a home. Like
                      my mom always said.. "There's a place for everything, and                          everything needs to be in its place."

C=CONTAINERIZE. Again, simple concept. Keep things in containers, boxes, 
                                   baskets. Whatever it is that helps you find a home for things.
                                  For example in my garage I keep all my Christmas things--                                    in CONTAINERS, easy to stack, store, move and use.

E=Equalize. To me this is the old adage: "one in, one out." If you buy a new                                    dress, get rid of an old dress.


SPACE- works for me!

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