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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tightwad Tuesday - October Edition

Tightwad Tuesdays

Welcome back to Tightwad Tuesday's Monthly Round up edition. This is the time of the month when I get to encourage you to think outside the box for ways to financially help your family. Keep reading for my favorite ways to make an extra bit of cash. 

I was out of town for a bit of the month and therefore did not get a lot of time in on some of my easy ways to earn:

Instant cash sweepstakes was a small amount, but for the minutes I put into it, it is worth it. In October I earned $0.33. The cash out level is $2.

Mturk  In October I earned $0.93  I spent about 10 minutes total.  For October I am choosing to not cash out and roll it into November. I really don't want to cash out till it's about $50. (Right now it's at $48.97).

Jingit  I watched some videos and did some check-in's at stores and  I earned $0.75 for October. - Cash money into my PayPal account.

Bing Rewards   is super easy program in which to earn Amazon gift cards (or other prizes) every month. My total credits for October was 690. This was enough for 1 $5 Amazon gift card.

Irazoo continues to just trickle in. Not many tasks or videos to complete this month. But slow and steady wins the race right?  At the end of October I have a total of 3174 points and cash out for 1 $5 Amazon card.

Another easy way for me to earn money is by using my rewards credit card. Of course you have to be very disiplined to do this, as you don't want to carry a balance. That defeats the whole purpose. 

I charge everything to my rewards card. Gas, groceries, utilities, you name it, I charge it. Every couple of days I add up my reciepts and send my credit card payment in full. I never get charged interest, and I earn rewards points which translate into cash rewards. For October I earned 14,187 points which translates to $141.87!
 I estimate it takes me about an hour a month to keep track of my spending and making sure it gets paid.

And of course, my favorite way to earn money is Swagbucks.
In October I earned 4500 Swagbucks,  This month, I have enough for 3 $5 Amazon gift cards, and a $25 PayPal credit. 

My total rewards was $193.88.  My time invested was approximately 4 hours. That's $48.47 per hour. I will never get rich doing this stuff...but every little bit helps.

What do you do to make a little extra cash?

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